Hey Cuties,

Happy Monday! I know I hate mondays, but we get through them. Today’s song of the day is “I Will Never Let You Down”. It is a fun, pop, dance song. Good song for a monday. I have liked Rita since she started singing. It is about being in a relationship and being there for the guy and always being there and loving him. It is one of those pick- me- up songs. I love the pink hair too! Smile, we are almost to Tuesday!


Hey Cuties,

Today I wanted to talk and show you some shopping I did yesterday. But before I get into that I posted a song of the day, it is from yesterday, even though it says today, it is from YESTERDAY.

Anyways,  I needed some new clothes for the fall and I am glad that I got some new things, but bona keep getting new things for this cold weather.

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Hey Cuties,

Today’s song of the day is Orianthi’s “According To You”. It’s a rock and roll/ pop song. It’s about a boy and him saying all these things and it’s a break up song. I remember this song use to play on the radio all the time and I hear it sometimes. It is definitely a dance, fun type of song. Anyways, have a fun post for you cuties today……




If you play “I Believe I Can Fly” with this it is so cute!